A Day in the life of Jordan 25+

Contest for participants aged above 25
On the occasion of His Majesty's King Abdullah II fiftieth birthday

The Hashemite Fund for the development of Jordan Badia -in co-operation with the 
well known photographer ZOHRAB and the photography competitions website 
[DPClick.com]- organizes the photography competition "A day in the life of Jordan"

The Fund seeks to instill the spirit of enthusiasm and competition among the youth of 
the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in the field of Photography as the top 100 photos will 
be displayed in a print exhibition and a printed publication in addition to the following
generous prizes for the top three winners selected by the judges.

Prizes as presented by the Hashemite Fund for the development of Jordan Badia:-

First Prize: 1000 Jordanian Dinar
Second Prize: 500 Jordanian Dinar
Third Prize: 250 Jordanian Dinar

You are allowed to participate with 3 photos 
Photos must be taken during the periods 22.9.2012-1.1.2000
Each photo must have a subject, description, location name and date of photography